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So my darling soul sister, Phoebe Tonkin, is a radiant light in my life and our friendship has made such a significant impact on me. Friendship to me is all about the right energies coming together, two loving spirits who uplift, encourage, inspire and balance each other. Over the last few years I have made an effort to closely examine the friendships I have in my life and ask myself whether we are of service to each other.

Sifting through toxic friendships is an integral part of growing older, by being selective about who you spend your life with, you really take your life experience in to your own hands. YOU get to choose the path that you are on and in the same way that you’re serious about your work, raising your family or loving your partner, you need to be serious about who you spend time with, who you hear advice from, who you allow to influence you and lastly who you allow to share a part of your sacred life force. Friends are those we get to pick, so please choose wisely.

Please enjoy this video of Phoebe Tonkin and me talking about friendship.

I am so grateful to have you in my life, Phoebe.

Watch the video of the girls chatting

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