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During the recent press day for Warm Bodies Dread Central had the opportunity to chat with Palmer during a roundtable interview with the Australian actress who discussed her involvement with the project.

Question: Can you talk about how it felt to play a strong female protagonist in Warm Bodies since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of those kinds of roles in the genre world?

Teresa Palmer: I just loved it! I’m not always a fan of the damsel in distress, I like the empowered woman, a strong woman, and that’s the reality of my own life because all the women I know in my own life are very strong and can take care of themselves. And certainly Julie can too; she can shoot a gun and defend herself and I love that she’s feisty enough to try and escape her situation a few times rather than just sit there and wait for help. I loved that.

Question: Was it challenging at all having to play opposite a zombie for most of the film since he can’t really communicate all that well?

Teresa Palmer: Well, I thought it would be a challenge because R really doesn’t get to express himself and so Julie is doing all of the talking so I was really worried about finding the chemistry and finding the rhythm of the scenes because I didn’t really have anyone to bounce my dialogue off of. But Nick Hoult is such a gifted actor that he was really able to emote almost everything just through his eyes; I mean, his eyes are so expressive and his little subtle choices with his facial expressions and his body language actually meant that I had SO much to work off of then in the end because I could respond off of all of his little moments.

Question: Was it hard at all working alongside the CGI creatures- the Boneys?

Teresa Palmer: Nah, not really; they were guys in motion capture suits so it was almost more hilarious than anything else really. But I do have to say that Jonathan Levine was very much about grounding this story in reality and the way that he did that was just every single day on set he was making sure that the production design was perfect and was just very particular about all the details really. We shot at an abandoned airport in Montreal and the whole place was just decked out as if there really was a zombie apocalypse. All of our zombie extras had make-up and were really on set, there was no digital zombies in that sense at all and I think all made this a really wonderfully authentic feeling story.


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