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It’s something casting directors have clearly tapped into: some of her most memorable roles include a mermaid (H20: Just Add Water), a witch (The Secret Circle) and a werewolf (The Vampire Diaries, for which she’s won a following in the US).

She also starred in Home and Away, Packed to the Rafters and cult feature film Tomorrow, When the War Began, as well as last year’s shark tale, Bait.

“I really love playing strong, ballsy characters, whether on television or film,” she says. “It’s strange, I used to only get cast as the naive girl next-door, but then something happened and now the only call-backs I get are, like, the vixen or the mistress … the ones that cause trouble. Something happened when I turned 21.” She lets out a laugh.

Tonkin lives in LA, but is keen to return to Australia for work: “Being US-based is great, and we have a bit of an Aussie crew,” she says of mates such as Teresa Palmer (with whom she started wellness website, “but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t come home. I would love to do more work in Australia there. I’d jump at the chance to come back.”

Buy the February issue of Harper’s BAZAAR to read the full Young Actor’s Portfolio

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The Adventures of Lady Fluffington

Easily the best thing I’ve ever done is rescue a dog. For my soul, my relationship, my happiness and my sanity. Every single day, I’m happy with our decision to welcome a dog into our little family. There’s no better therapy, no truer friendship and no better company than a dog’s presence in your home. I highly recommend it.

I knew that convincing my beloved to get a dog was simply a matter of overwhelming him with cuteness. So I sent him photos of homeless dogs every day until he gave in: little dogs in cardigans, scruffy dogs with kind eyes, old dogs with missing teeth. They were all gorgeous, and homeless. As I suspected, my boyfriend agreed to come with me to Monika’s Doggie Rescue to get a canine friend. No pedigrees, no puppies, no poodles. Just a darling, abandoned little dog who was lovable, but unloved.

Now, it’s not an easy process, adopting a dog from Monika. She’s not that keen on humans, and I don’t blame her – she spends her days rescuing dogs from their cruelty and negligence. She drives around, picking up dogs on death row in pounds. She’s a modern-day saint if ever I saw one, but she’s very discerning about who gives her dogs a home. She interviewed me, my boyfriend and my flatmate extensively before she introduced us to any dogs, and I’ve seen her turn people away if she suspects they’re not sincere.

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Theresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult play an unlikely couple in the upcoming horror-comedy ‘Warm Bodies’.  Palmer and Hoult were on set when HitFix went to visit, and they discuss how their characters and relationships function in the accompanying interview.

Hoult says, “You can hear the voice-over of my character, which is very eloquent.  It’s partly the way Jonathan [Levine, the director] is shooting it as well. You can’t see some of the more violent, gory stuff. You see it from his point of view because it’s something he has to do. The fact that it’s shot beautifully makes it less about killing someone’s boyfriend, which is never a good start.  The thing I really liked about the script is it’s about someone trying to retain his humanity. Through killing Julie’s boyfriend and eating his brains he falls for her and then regains that through being with her. That’s the great thing about Teresa: She’s such a lively, bubbly person anyway and that spark she brings to the character.”
Palmer also says great things about Hoult, adding that he made her role easier, saying, “It’s hard because I’m leading all of the scenes.  My character, she’s very high-spirited; she’s got a lot of energy. It’s almost as if I’m doing huge monologues after monologues. But Nick is so expressive with his eyes. He gives me so much without having to say anything. I really can just play off of him and I feel what he’s feeling. He honestly is the perfect casting choice for this role; he’s just beautiful in the movie.”


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LA-based Australian actresses Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin are switching their focus from the silver screen to balance sheets by launching a lifestyle website called Your Zen Life.

Palmer has starred in films including The Grudge 2 and December Boys, while Tonkin’s films include Tomorrow, When the War Began and Bait 3D. Tonkin also stars in The Vampire Diaries.

Your Zen Life describes itself as an online scrapbook, where like-minded people can share their knowledge of, and passion for, health and fitness.

The site only launched last month, but already counts New York-based Australian entrepreneur Michael Giles as a contributor. Giles is also a blogger for StartupSmart.

Palmer and Tonkin talk to StartupSmart about why they decided to create Your Zen Life.

Why did you launch the website?

Both of us are so passionate about health and wellness, and have witnessed the benefits of living a holistic, natural way of life.

Travelling and meeting new people gained us access to some of the best nutritionists and tools to live out our best, healthiest lives possible.

We wanted an outlet to share this knowledge and create a community of like-minded people.

The idea of inviting people to contribute to the site came from hearing feedback over Twitter and email. We realised that people want a platform to share their stories and inspire others.

How did you fund it?

We both self-funded the whole idea. It really is a passion project.

But eventually we want to get to a place where the site is making money, which we can put directly into charity, as philanthropy and being able to give back to our planet is in part the essence of the site.

Who is the site aimed at?

Anyone who is interested in creating a more Zen-like life. We want to inspire people to look after themselves, whether that’s emotionally, physically or spiritually.

What is so great about social media these days is the direct interaction between readers of the site, and from that we can cater to what our readers are interested in.

We found a lot of questions about living this way but on a budget, so we are conscious of that when we are writing or sourcing context.

Do you think star power has any impact on the site?

We believe the power of Twitter and Facebook has been pivotal to getting the word out about our site.

And being able to be in contact with some of the best professionals in the field of health and wellness is also a perk of being in the public eye.

But at the end of the day, we are just two twenty-somethings who are so passionate about living this way, and that passion is what drives us to make the site what it is.

What is your growth strategy for the site?

Getting traffic to the site is key. We are trying to maintain a level of consistency with the blog posts so that our readers can come to rely on our site.

It’s great to have people who drop by every now and then, but what we are after is loyal fans of the site who check it almost every day.

At this stage we are just trying to get the word out about the site.  



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Love and Honor finally has a release date!

The romantic drama starring Liam Hemsworth and Teresa Palmer will debut in select theaters on March 22 and February 14th On Demand.

Love and Honor
 summary: When Dalton Joiner (Austin Stowell) finds out that his girlfriend Jane (Aimee Teegarden) has dumped him, he vows to go home during his one-week leave to win her back. His best friend Mickey Wright (Hemsworth) will do anything to help his buddy out – as long as there might be a few girls along the way. In just seven days they must get to the States, change Jane’s mind and make it back to the war without getting caught.

But when they arrive stateside they find Jane and her beautiful, committed activist friend Candace (Palmer) at the heart of the anti-war movement. Joiner and Wright must make some life changing decisions as they spend a week in July 1969 learning the truth about love, honor and commitment.

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Welcome To Phoebe and Teresa your first source dedicated to both Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer.

I will have updates for you shortly but in the mean time please take a look around and check out our twitter, facebook and tumblr and don’t forget to follow phoebe, teresa and your zen life on twitter.