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The Adventures of Lady Fluffington

Easily the best thing I’ve ever done is rescue a dog. For my soul, my relationship, my happiness and my sanity. Every single day, I’m happy with our decision to welcome a dog into our little family. There’s no better therapy, no truer friendship and no better company than a dog’s presence in your home. I highly recommend it.

I knew that convincing my beloved to get a dog was simply a matter of overwhelming him with cuteness. So I sent him photos of homeless dogs every day until he gave in: little dogs in cardigans, scruffy dogs with kind eyes, old dogs with missing teeth. They were all gorgeous, and homeless. As I suspected, my boyfriend agreed to come with me to Monika’s Doggie Rescue to get a canine friend. No pedigrees, no puppies, no poodles. Just a darling, abandoned little dog who was lovable, but unloved.

Now, it’s not an easy process, adopting a dog from Monika. She’s not that keen on humans, and I don’t blame her – she spends her days rescuing dogs from their cruelty and negligence. She drives around, picking up dogs on death row in pounds. She’s a modern-day saint if ever I saw one, but she’s very discerning about who gives her dogs a home. She interviewed me, my boyfriend and my flatmate extensively before she introduced us to any dogs, and I’ve seen her turn people away if she suspects they’re not sincere.

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