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Bonsoir, Phoebe figure dans le nouveau numéro de Elle Australie. Vous pourrez retrouver dans la galerie les scans de ce magazine ainsi que quelques photos provenant du photoshoot.

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Magazine Scans > 2017 > Coveteur by Jake Rosenberg.
Photoshoots > 2017 > Coveteur by Jake Rosenberg.

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What were your first impressions of each other?
Phoebe Tonkin: “I think my first impression of her was when I saw 2:37. I was in such awe of her and her performance. We properly got to know each other on a three hour car drive to Coachella. We bonded over kale chips, boys and red wine and the rest is history. I think my first impression of her was that she was the coolest girl I had ever met. I later learned she was not only the coolest, but also the kindest. She is a ray of light in my life and I am blessed to have her.”
Teresa Palmer: “We first met in Bondi at a screening in 2009. I remember being introduced to her but I had already clocked her as soon as I walked up the stairs to the event. You were the most striking girl I had ever seen and I couldn’t stop staring. Statuesque and THE EYES!! I remember thinking that my boyfriend at the time (who introduced us) most certainly had a crush on her! Your bright shining energy and bounce was absolutely infectious. It wasn’t until 2011 when the stars aligned and I drove her to Coachella that I knew we were bonded for life. The way we were like missing pieces of the puzzle to each other was really magical and so began our journey.”

How did you start working on the film, The Ever After?
PT: “I had known Teresa and Mark were writing this film together. I was so impressed they were being so vulnerable not just with each other but in this script, these characters they were writing were so real and honest. Teresa had said from the get-go she had an idea for a character for me, and I was so grateful to be involved in something like this.”
TP: “Mark and I were in the midst of courting each other over email when we decided to write a film together. I think we were so passionately falling in love that we felt the need to channel that energy creatively. Only a few months after Mark and I met we started to work on the film. We knew that we wanted to capture your magnetism on film so we wrote the role of Mabel for her and then hoped she would say yes!”

Did you draw from any real-life experience?
PT: “I have spent quite a lot of time in New York and around similar characters as the one I played. There’s something dangerous and dark about the world some of those types of characters live in. I think the script really showcases that side of it, and allows the audience to just be an observer.”
TP: “Yes we very much blurred the lines between reality and fiction. So much of what is on screen we drew from experiences in our own life. We touch upon the entertainment and fashion industry, substance abuse issues, mental illness, sexual abuse, all of which either one of us or people very close to us have navigated through. It is an intensely personal film exploring the challenges of marriage and the fundamental breakdown of communication.”

What is your fondest memory from the film set?
PT: “I think the fondest was probably just being in New York, shooting in such an organic and instinctive way. Mark was very open to ideas in terms of dialogue and blocking, and coming from a TV background it was very different to the way I normally work.”
TP: “When Mark proposed to me in the bathroom before we filmed the first scene of the movie! It was entirely spontaneous and crazy. He used the ring my character wore in the film to propose to me because the ring that he designed was taking too long and he got impatient. The crew kept trying to get in the bathroom to light it for the next scene and Mark kept kicking the door shut while on one knee.”

What does friendship mean to you?
PT: “I think as you grow older friendship becomes something stronger than what it meant to you when you were younger. There is something so reassuring about not seeing someone for a long period of time and then being able to slip back into that comfort with each other like no time has passed at all. As actors, that is the nature of the work we do, staying on location for long periods of time and being apart from people who you are close to. It’s also nice to have friends that not only support you, but inspire you, and Teresa fulfils both of those!”
TP: “To me a friendship is beautiful in that unlike family, friends are those we choose to move through life with. My friends are mirrors of me and vice versa, we create a community in which we encourage each other to shine bright, building one another up and wishing the best of life for each other. We are a sisterhood of women who encourage and inspire and connect with one another through the ebbs and flows of life.”

What would you be if you weren’t an actress?
PT: “I would love to be working in journalism and communications, perhaps for a magazine like Vogue!”
TP: “I would run an eco chain of Parent and Me Play cafés around the world. A community where parents and children can come to a supportive place to share, eat, learn and lean on each other in a loving, encouraging and positive way. Stay tuned!”

What are your similarities and what are your differences?
PT: “I think we are both very driven, very passionate. We both have many of the same interests and the same standards for people we have in our life. I think we both ultimately want the same things in life, to live a somewhat basic existence with children and animals and vegetable gardens in Topanga, to be specific. In terms of differences, I think having been her business partner for the last three plus years, I would definitely she is far better at time management than I am!”
TP: “Our similarities are that we both laugh a lot, we crack each other up. We love getting deep and real and communicative, we both love working on self and we are seekers in life. We are caring and compassionate and both love kids, dogs. I think that we are both warm, we meet people openly and lovingly. We are also such silly goofs at heart. Total dorks. Our differences are that she has washboard abs no matter how much pasta she eats! She’s always way cooler than me, in that effortless ‘Phoebe just gets it’ way. With Your Zen Life, Phoebe gets and loves the technical and aesthetic side of the website whereas I love working on the video content. We are the perfect Ying and Yang with our business.”

What advice would you give to people who want to go into business with a friend?
PT: “Get used to communicating a lot over email! There was a time when within the space of seven weeks we were communicating between Italy, Wales, Australia, Atlanta, California and Tahiti. I also think that we both went into business together because it was something we both genuinely enjoyed and were passionate about. There were no other motives besides creating this beautiful platform and open a line of communication for other like-minded people.”
TP: “Have a very clear and open communication with that person. Know them well. Have an exit strategy if one of you loses passion or wants out. Stay open always and plan where you want to take the business long term. Have big ideas and create stepping stones towards achieving those things with each other.”

How do you find Zen in your life?
PT: “I try to drink a lot of water, get eight hours of sleep a night and eat well. But ultimately what is most important is surrounding yourself with positive people and striving for happiness and balance in your life. I think it’s important to stay educated on what is happening around the world to really have perspective on your own life, it’s very easy to take things for granted.”
TP: “Through my family. Especially being with my son Bodhi. Just taking him to playgroup and watching his joy in pushing around a little walker or interacting with other children. Seeing life through his eyes, witnessing the sense of joy, discovery, happiness, his amazement at colours, textures, sounds and how proud he is and astonished that he can use his legs to walk. That puts everything in to perspective, how easily it is to become desensitised and take all of these things for granted. It brings me suddenly present and teaches me to always keep a deep sense of gratitude.”


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We are so forunate to feature Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin on Eat Beautiful as part of our Inspire Interview series.

These two homegrown starlets are kicking goals in Hollywood. Teresa got her break starring opposite Daniel Radcliffe in December Boysand has gone on to star in other blockbuster films such as Take Me Home Tonight, I Am Number Four and most recently Warm Bodies.

Phoebe starred in Australian feature film based on the popular John Marsden novel Tomorrow, When the War Began before landing a lead role in popular CW network show The Secret Circle, which then led to her role on spin-off series The Originals.

The pair also founded health and wellbeing site Your Zen Life as an outlet to share their passion for healthy living. We asked them a few questions about living a healthy and balanced life!

Being in the spotlight, how do you deal with the media’s focus on your physical appearance and outward marks of success?

Tez: I think it’s an epidemic in this industry that the focus and attention goes to one’s physical appearance. There are a group of women in Hollywood who are actively trying to change that. I belong to that group. I recognize that I’m on a platform and whether I like it or not the physical part of me will be talked about. So I deal with it like this… I don’t think about it too much! I live my life the way I would. I’m healthy and eat well, I look after myself and my body and I don’t like to wear make-up or designer clothes in my everyday life. I embrace who I am and my preferences but what I mainly embrace is AUTHENTICITY that’s why I don’t change who I am because of the fishbowl that I live in. I much prefer to represent “normal” than have to be on point playing the role of what someone might think a celebrity should look like.

Phoebe, being an actress on a hit CW show and a model, how do you feel about being a role model for young audiences, particularly girls around the world?

I try to make smart choices and am always conscious of young girls seeing things I post on Instagram and Twitter. I try to lead a positive, happy, balanced life and hope to influence others to do the same.

What do you think about the way young girls are affected by idealised versions of beauty in magazines, TV and film?

Phoebe: I think its a facade. Hours of make up and lighting and photoshopping are used to create an image these days. Girls shouldn’t be looking at these images as something to strive for. It’s not reality.

Tez: I think it’s horrible and I’m sad that what I do for a living contributes to this false sense of reality. That’s why I don’t go out of way to be anything but myself; make-up free, hair unwashed me!  I often use Twitter to tell girls that what they’re seeing in the movies or magazines isn’t really what I look like, that the real me is actually very similar to the real them. That way they don’t have to strive for something that doesn’t actual exist, something unattainable and unsustainable. I hope to be a role model and a cheerleader for REAL.

Are you cheerleaders for positive body image? And why is it so important that we have role models that advocate loving ourselves exactly as we are?

Tez: Yes absolutely I am. I believe it’s my calling in a sense. I recognize that I’m in a position where I can use my profile to affect positive change in the world. With my career I feel a sense of responsibility comes along with it and that responsibility is to the younger people who look up to me, to show them that there is another way. That self-love, acceptance and compassion is of the utmost highest importance.

Phoebe: I think it’s very important to have positive body image. But on the other hand I think sometimes this leads to too much focus on something so external. I wish talk about bodies and image wasn’t so prevalent in the media.

Teresa, you’ve always talked about how much you wanted to have children and now we hear you’re expecting your first child with your fiancé Mark! Congratulations! Is there anything you will do differently to keep yourself healthy during your pregnancy?

Tez: Thank you! Not really, I haven’t changed much apart from listening a little closer to my body. If I feel like sweet potato fries I have them! I know that my child is growing healthily and well so I try not to over think everything. I drink plenty of water, continue my exercise regime and live as much in the light as possible. My child feels the things I feel so I really make an effort to be living from my highest self and nourishing myself through good food and healthy choices.

What daily practices do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Tez: I just really practice open communication, I always start the day off by saying something I’m grateful for. I try to get to yoga as much as I can and I drink a green juice daily.

Phoebe: I try to drink a lot of water and surround myself with people I love. Simple!

What is your life mantra?

Tez & Phoebe: Be the Change You Wish To See In The World

How do you Eat Beautiful?

Tez: I listen to my body, I choose foods of lots of different color preferably in season, I don’t eat processed food and stick to the outside aisles of supermarkets where all the fresh stuff lays. I also have let go of being so militant over “clean eating” and my body has responded really well. I wasn’t actually getting enough nutrients when I became to obsessed at watching everything that went in to my mouth and question where it had come from. Eating became stressful so I’ve backed off from that and now have a really healthy relationship with good and nutritious food.

It’s so inspiring to see Teresa and Phoebe actively advocating healthy and balanced lives. We are proud to join them in promoting a life lived from one’s heart and true to oneself!


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If you’re a Phoebe Tonkin fan, you’ll know The Vampire Diaries actress loves to incorporate dancing into her workout routine, and is pretty handy in the kitchen when it comes to whipping up vegan banana icecream and a nourishing green juice. But did you know she also runs her own wellness website, Your Zen Life, alongside bestie Teresa Palmer? We spoke Phoebe and covered everything from her favourite workout wear to guilt-free snacking and ballerina arms.

What is your day on a plate?
“Almond milk latte, a fruit salad of berries and apples for breakfast; almonds and dark chocolate for snacking during the day; and a piece of grilled salmon or hormone-free, organic chicken with vegetables and maybe quinoa [for dinner]. I try and fit in a green juice, too.”

What’s your favourite, guilt-free snack?
“Dates with a spoonful of almond butter in them.”

What is your weekly fitness routine?
“I have a great trainer, we do boxing and interval training, and I just started out at Tracy Anderson. I’m kind of obsessed! I try to go four or five days a week.”

What do you love to wear for a workout?
“I love to wear all black, I think it’s sleek and cool. And now obviously I’ll be wearing my new Adidas Energy Boost shoes to train in!”

What is your quick fix if you’re feeling a little out of shape?
“Not stressing out. Just slowly reintroduce exercise, limit the amount of sugar and dairy you eat, and try not to focus too much it or it will just stress you out.”

Do you have problem areas, and what do you do to work on them?
“I like to have toned, ballerina arms, so I focus a lot on lifting small weights and doing lots of repetitions.”


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Just as vampires will not go gentle into that good night, the genre built around these charming blood suckers, too, continues to thrive. October 3rd marks the debut of The Originals—a spin-off of the CW’s hugely successful Vampire Diaries and a show that promises to delve even deeper into its predecessor’s bawdy backstory.

Centered on the “original” vampire family and set in the labyrinthine streets and wet hot sensuality of New Orleans, the series features some of The Vampire Diaries’ most seductive main characters, namely vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan), who plans to re-crown himself king of the city he once called home. But there are also a number of talented (and ridiculously good looking) newcomers and occasional Diariesguest stars taking central roles in the show, including Claire Holt, who plays Klaus’s saucy sister Rebekah; Phoebe Tonkin, who portrays Hayley, the sexy werewolf who becomes pregnant with Klaus’s child; and Eka Darville, who takes on the brooding, volatile vampire Diego. We talked with the three stars—who, coincidentally, are all born and bred Australians—about playing out fantasies in the deep American South.

How much did you know about your character when you joined the show?
I actually didn’t know a lot. I had faith that it would be good. I knew about the show and I really didn’t care if I was going to play a vampire or a werewolf or a witch—I just wanted to be part of that world.

You ended up a werewolf. How is that?
Hayley is super fun to play. She’s been abandoned by her parents and she has this kind of sad, lonely childhood. She meets Klaus and they have an intense sexual chemistry. They have a kind of booty call one night, and one thing leads to another and we find out that she is pregnant with his child. So we all learn a big lesson there.

How does one go about preparing to play a pregnant werewolf?
[Laughs.] Well, I was a nanny when I was younger, so I feel like I have that maternal instinct already built in. I’ve worn various stages of fake belly—from three months to six months to nine months. I took photos and sent them to my mother and said, ‘When I see you in a few months remind me that I have something to tell you!’ But emotionally it’s an interesting part to play. She’s still dealing with the shock of being in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, so we try to approach it as you would whether or not she’s a supernatural creature—the way you or I would try deal with that situation.

Can you give us any juicy details about Hayley’s arc?
Well, Hayley is now in New Orleans, still looking for answers about her family. Meanwhile, when she’s there, the local witches discover that she’s pregnant and decide to use her to get Klaus to do what they want. They try to put Hayley’s life and her child’s life in jeopardy, so that Klaus obeys them and does what they say. That’s about all I can give away!

You moved from Australia to the U.S. in 2011 and starred in The Secret Circle on The CW. How are you enjoying working in the States?
I love it here. There is a dream of going to L.A., but no one gets on that flight unless they really feel prepared and really put their all in. Because you can’t just drive a few hours and see your family; you are really sacrificing a lot when you make that move. You come to work and put in everything you’ve got, because no one wants to get on that return flight without a job under their belt. My parents traveled a lot, and their biggest advice to me was that I would never regret traveling. So if anything, they’re happy that I’m not sitting in my little town in Australia doing the same thing everyday!


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Typecasting has stalled many a career, but it won’t be a problem for Teresa Palmer, whose greatest gift may be that she is so startlingly natural wherever she’s planted. This was most evident in her hit from earlier this year, Warm Bodies, in which she’s a tough-cookie survivor, post-zombie apocalypse, in love with a guy with one major drawback — he’s one of the undead. Even at a glance — in such unalike pictures as the Adam Sandler comedy Bedtime Stories; or Take Me Home Tonight, opposite Topher Grace; or the extraterrestrial fantasy I Am Number Four — the romance, action and humor are anchored because Palmer is so deeply down-to-earth.

Although she’s more in demand than ever – with roles in Love and Honor, a Vietnam-era drama co-starring Liam Hemsworth, Terrence Malick’s Knight of Cups, with Christian Bale; again opposite Hemsworth in the thriller Cut Bank; and in Parts Per Billion, an unsettling drama costarring Gena Rowlands – the driven Aussie is keen to generate her own projects, too. They include Track Town, which she co-wrote with costar Tahyna Tozzi, set to film in 2014. More immediately, she is collaborating on The Ever After with her fiancé, director Mark Webber.

So many Australians have succeeded here in Hollywood. Even so, it’s a huge risk to come all this way. What made you decide to try? Honestly, I had no plan of attack. I fell into acting. I was taking any opportunity that came my way. One came when I was in Cannes [in 2006] with 2:37, my first big film. American casting directors had seen it at the festival and wanted me to audition. My manager encouraged me. I landed in Los Angeles for what I thought would be a couple of weeks — quite excited by this new adventure — then booked two of the roles I tried out for. It was decided for me, I guess. My life unfolded in that way. I was cast in American movies.

At one point early on, you set out to become a teacher – Yes! Healing and teaching are my two other passions, outside of acting.

What subject would you have taught? Drama and English at a high school. I’m always excited, being in a school environment. Since I’ve been working, my old high school and college have invited me back —I’ve taught drama lessons, talked to the kids and hung out with them. I get to play a teaching role in their lives. It’s a really inspirational thing to do.

You quit college to pursue acting. Have you ever thought of going back? I’ve definitely looked into it.

What would you study? I’ve always been interested in midwifery. All of my friends know me as the little mama-bear. I’ve always been interested in the process of pregnancy, and service. I’ve thought about going back to college just to get a degree in this field.I also love psychology. I thought of pursuing the subject at UCLA. I only completed one subject at college in Australia — my concentration was all wrapped up with being in films. It is definitely something I would like to continue some day, and venture in to all sorts of areas.

To be a successful actress, you have to be something of a psychologist on a visceral level. I definitely grew up having to learn to read people. I became very good at that, and it’s my favorite thing to do — explore personalities, have deep conversations with people — to discover a spirit. I love doing Carl Jung stuff. The Myers-Briggs personality test? I’m all about that. I love studying up on these sorts of things.They really spark a truth with me, in a helpful way. One of the things I’m very, very passionate about outside of acting is a lot of self-development work, rich in spiritual life. That’s where the interest in psychology comes in.

Does that involve meditation, or is it reading and thinking? Reading a lot. Practicing open communication, delving into my psyche and getting close to the core; analyzing where certain feelings and thoughts come from but not placing judgment on that.

Making your own unconscious mind available to you, in a way. What we have to offer is alreadythere, but too often we censor ourselves. Absolutely! I’m focused on being a more conscious person. It’s really been very eye-opening. Probably the one subject that I love talking about!

Let’s talk about this in terms of the characters you play. You’ve described Julie in Warm Bodies as “a sassy warrior.” It’s clear you loved that about her. Are more like her being offered to you?There’s been no thick stream of offers, though Warm Bodies has been great for me. There’s definitely been more interest in me for these feisty, independent, very spirited roles. Which is great, because I wasn’t always seen in that way. But, I’m still at the point in my career where I’m fighting for roles. The difference is that I can be much more selective in terms of what I fight for. I can be choosier, do films I’m passionate about or can feel inspired by.

Do you suffer the pressure to take jobs, as opposed to losing momentum? That is the conversation you have with your team. Do you lower the bar and stay visible? Or do you raise it so that you’re not seen as much, but the quality of films you’re seen in is of a high standard? That is where my head is typically at. Obviously I need to be more or less available and make sure I’m not being too precious. If you can talk about a film that is coming out when you go in to meet people, it works powerfully in your favor. I follow my instinct; I don’t feel like it has been necessary for me to lower the bar just to keep my face out there.

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I am… 
An actress?.

I would describe my job as…
Lots of different people, characters, costumes and countries.

I am lucky because…
I get to recreate stories from other people’s imaginations.

If I could change one thing about myself I would…
Have taken up an instrument and stuck with it when I was younger. Violin, piano, guitar – they all lasted less then 2 years.

It would’t surprise me if…
I moved to a little remote island one day and had lots of tan, sandy haired children running around barefoot.

The most interesting person I have ever met is…
Teresa Palmer, my soul sister and co-creator of Tez is so insanely sweet, beautiful and goofy but would take down anyone if they tried to hurt anyone she loved. She is a warrior fairy.


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Australian native Teresa Palmer is quickly becoming one of the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood.

After beginning her career in Australian movies, Palmer first gained attention in Hollywood when she was cast as Batman villain Talia al Ghul in director George Miller’s DC Comics super hero film Justice League of America, which unfortunately was never made. She went on to appear in a string of American films including Bedtime Storiesstarring Adam SandlerThe Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Nicolas Cage, the sci-fi movie I Am Number Four, and the ‘80s comedy Take Me Home Tonight opposite Topher Grace. But the actress’ big break came earlier this year when she co-starred in the extremely popular zombie film Warm Bodies, which also featured Nicholas Hoult and Rob Corddry. Now, Palmer has returned to the Australian cinema with her latest movie Wish You Were Here, which opens in U.S. theaters on June 7th.

The Australian film, which was written by actors Kieran Darcy-Smith (Animal Kingdom) and Felicity Price (TV’sFarscape), and directed by Smith, focuses on four friends who travel to South-East Asia for a fun-filled vacation. However, the trouble begins when one of the friends (Anthony Starr) does not return. Palmer plays Steph, a carefree young girl who reveals to her sister and brother-in-law (Price and Joel Edgerton) a nasty secret about the night her boyfriend went missing, which may only be the first of many.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actress Teresa Palmer about her work on Wish You Were Here, as well as a few of her upcoming projects and the possibility of a sequel to Warm Bodies. The talented young actress discussed her new film, returning to Australian cinema, collaborating with filmmakers Kieran Darcy-Smith and Felicity Price, what attracted her to the role, the limitations of American movies, making her own films with actor Mark Webber, their upcoming project – The Ever After, what she looks for when choosing projects, working with legendary directorTerrence Malick on Knight of Cups, what she learned from being on his set, and if she would be interested in returning for a possible sequel to Warm Bodies.


Here is what she had to say:

IAR: To begin with, after appearing in so many American movies, was it nice to return to Australia and make Wish You Were Here?

Teresa Palmer: Yeah! I obviously started doing Australian films and it was nice for me to go back to Australia and get back into doing these great Aussie dramas. They film my favorite movies in the world. I loved Animal Kingdom. That largely inspired me to get involved and do this movie. Our director Kieran Darcy-Smith was involved with Animal Kingdom so I was excited when I got the script. I read it, it was great and gritty and suspenseful and kept me on the edge of the seat. I was so happy they wanted me to do this role.

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With her rose coloured lips and Sophia Loren eyes it’s obvious to see why Hollywood is having a love affair with Phoebe Tonkin.
Having played a mermaid, a witch and a now most recently a werewolf, Tonkin has well and truly explored her supernatural side and has built a strong legion of die hard fans. Next on her plate is the pilot for the spin off series to The Vampire Diaries – The Originals, at this stage a top-secret and a project that Tokin is eager to sink her teeth into.
Between filming, Tonkin spends her free time working on YourZenLife, a blossoming side project with best friend and fellow Australian beauty Teresa Palmer. A health and wellbeing site encouraging readers to share goals, tips, recipes and fitness advice; interests very close to lithe, actress’ heart. When you look as good as Miss Tonkin, my advice is to click on and get the recipe for her cool-aid.

Phoebe Tonkin



Sitting on the couch eating a slice of vegan pizza watching New Girl (too honest?)

spent 6 weeks volunteering at an Orphanage in Cambodia when I was 18, it was the most impulsive decision I’ve ever made. I booked the trip two weeks before I left and it was the most incredible, life changing experience in my life to date. I went alone and lived in a house of 12, only 4 who spoke English. I came back to Sydney a new person with a whole new outlook on my life.

I loved playing Faye on Secret Circle. Up until then I had always played quite naïve and innocent characters, and Faye was so deliciously evil and manipulative. It was as if Blair Waldorf and Sebastian from Cruel Intentions had a baby, and her name was Faye Chamberlain.

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We caught up with Aussie actress, sometime model and health blogger and all-round cool girl, at the launch of adidas Energy Boost global launch in New York to find out about her move Stateside to star inThe Vampire Diaries spin-off, how she stays in tiptop shape, plus she spills some of her health secrets…

Grazia: You have a health and wellbeing blog Your Zen Life that you share with Teresa Palmer. What’s the best health tip you ever received?
Phoebe: I always find I’m at my happiest when I’m just looking after myself and not putting too much stress on exercising or being too strict with my eating. When you’re thinking about health and weight and exercise too much, it takes over. It’s how you feel on the inside. When I’m happy and looking after myself, I want to nurture my body and exercise to feel good as opposed to punishing myself and going to the gym!

G: What’s your fitness regime, especially when it comes to prepping for the red carpet?
P: I actually have just started doing Tracy Anderson, and it’s addictive. I do the classes in Los Angeles, cause I moved house and it’s really nearby, and I like doing that. It’s like Pilates, mixed with a bit of cardio, dance and loud, loud music. I love doing things that are kind of fun, jumping around and things that don’t really feel like exercise. I also like to play tennis on the weekends with friends and going for big walks. In LA they call it hikes, but there’s not much hiking involved, it’s just like walking up a small hill.

G: What are your favourite health haunts in LA?
P: There’s a really great juice place called Kimberly Snyder’s Glow Bio, and she has a book called The Beauty Detox Solution, which I’d read before she opened up this smoothie and juice place. I go there a couple of times a week to get a good juice or a smoothie and then there’s another restaurant called Pace in the canyons, which is all organic farm-fresh food, that I like as well.

G: You must travel a lot. Any tips for keeping in shape while away from home?
P: I like to bring a skipping rope, so that if I have 10 minutes spare in the morning, or even later in the afternoon, I can just go down to the gym, stretch, do 10 minutes of skipping and call it a day — and it’s light enough to put in your hand luggage.

G: What’s coming up next for you, acting-wise?
P: I’m about to go to New Orleans and Atlanta to film a pilot called The Originals, which is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries.


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Yesterday we attended the unveiling of the new adidas running innovation at a large do in New York. The shoe incorporates Boost foam, making for one of the most comfortable shoe on the planet. As any exercise freak will attest, this is the most important factor when deciding on a pair of sneakers. adidas have worked to create this revolutionary cushioning technology, meaning you literally bounce when walking. It’s all about energy levels at the end of the day, and we are happy with anything that’s going to encourage us to hit the pavement! adidas also enlisted the help of several Olympic medal winning friends Haile Gebrselassie and Yohan Blake to talk about their energy levels and getting the most out of their performance. As soon as we tried on the shoe, we were sold.

Local lady and actress Phoebe Tonkin was also at the event, along with fellow actress Rosario Dawson, sporting a great adidas logo tee and the sneakers. The thing we find most interesting is the fusion of sport and fashion currently happening around the world. As we sat and listed to these professional, award winning athletes talk about their sport, we wondered what they would think about fashionistas sporting these technologically advanced shoes for the sake of their outfit? Regardless if they like it or not, sport is trending in the fickle world of fashion. Thanks to the likes of Susie Bubble, sneakers are the footwear choice du jour, especially seen at NYFW. And we’re not talking fashion sneakers, we mean real sporty looking running shoes.

We had a chat to fashion plate Tonkin to hear her thoughts on the situation.

So you are in New York for the adidas Boost event, where do you live normally?
I live in LA and Atlanta at the moment. I am doing a show called Vampire Diaries and I am filming a pilot in New Orleans called The Originals.

Sportswear is such a trend at the moment, why do you think it’s made such a huge comeback?
I think everyone’s realised that you can look cool and still be comfortable. Brands like adidas have such a link to the 80s, when it was so cool to wear sportswear as everyday wear. Everyone is just revisiting that trend.

What do you think the real athletes would feel about this? Is it trivialising their careers?
I think they’d embrace it! If everyone’s wearing adidas, it’s like a little community with everyone sharing their passion for the brand.

People like Susie Bubble have championed this look. Will you be rocking yours for fashion week?
I am so excited to wear these for the rest of the day! They look cool and are comfortable, what more can you ask?

At $150 a pop they are a pretty reasonable fashion statement too. Check out the video below to get you into the Boost frame of mind. And now, it’s time to hit the street!


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Phoebe Tonkin is one of those rare Australians who is better known abroad than at home. She has risen to prominence in the United States as a supernatural teen queen on the CW network, first playing a sexy witch in the short lived but compellingly camp The Secret Circle before moving on to the role of orphaned werewolf Hayley in The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries is notorious for its obsessive fanbase, and for killing off guest stars, but Tonkin seems to have resonated with the audience, since she’s just picked up a spin-off pilot, The Originals.

In addition to her acting chops, Tonkin has the sort of social media presence that is for many a career in itself. Tonkin has 90,000 Instagram followers, and 100,000 more than that on Twitter, and she runs a popular blog YourZenLife with friend and fellow Australian actress Theresa Palmer.

An ebullient guide to health and wellbeing YourZenLife is yoga and organics sans condescension, and it strikes a chord with Tonkin’s teenage fans. The blog espouses the virtues of vegetables and positive thinking, with an appealing earnestness.

We caught up with Tonkin at the launch of Adidas’ Energy Boost yesterday in New York to find out about life on the intersection of new and old media.

Can you tell us about what it’s like to combine acting with your social media presence?

Sure thing. It’s interesting because the show that I’m on has a very young demographic, so knowing that I have a chance to have a voice with them is quite exciting. In my personal life I’m very passionate about health and wellness and the chance to give a bit of advice, especially to young girls, is great. It’s not so much giving them someone to ‘look up to’ because I don’t really think of myself in that way, but I do think it’s important to try and be positive. I want them to see other people doing good, by themselves and for their bodies, so they don’t feel like they have to do anything silly to achieve their goals.


Do you have much direct contact with your fans?

That’s what Twitter is really good for. You can literally directly reply to people. Gone are the days of writing, or writing back to, fan mail. Now Twitter is the easiest way to contact someone.


What’s one particular thing you’ve heard from a fan that’s really stood out for you?

I mean, it’s always nice when Theresa and I get emails on our OurZenLife email account. Even if they’re not necessarily fans of our work. I’ll get people who contact us to tell us they’re in high school, and that all their friends have seen us. Just people being able to explain “This is what I do and care about, and see, other people do it too.” That we’re allowing people to not feel like the odd ones out because they’re not eating fast food and drinking. Theresa and I were saying that we’d like to make it cool to have a green juice in school.


How did you and Teresa come to realize you should work on this together?

Well she’s the sweetest thing in the world, and we got to know each other through mutual friends and we realised that we were both passionate about living this particular way and finding that balance in life. We were always on other people’s blogs, and always sharing information and we wanted an outlet to share our own information, and take other people’s ideas and tips that we really liked and give them a platform too.


Can you tell me about a time when something on-set has leaked into the blog?

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