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So about a week or so ago Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer Agrees to answer a few questions about themselves there friendship and the career’s Exclusively for
The girls talk about how they met, there upcoming film together and more so enjoy!


Fav Film: The labyrinth
Fav TV Series:Unsolved mysteries(back in the day!)
Fav Food:Mary’s gone crackers and garlic dip!
Fav Animal: dog
Fav Book: the Glass Castle
Fav Sport: to watch-basketball,to play-Netball (Australian game)
Fav Colour:indigo
Fav Song: always changes but right now “whispering winds” by Moby
Fav Actor: Joaquin Phoenix
Fav Actress: Penelope Cruz



Fav Film:  Great Expectations
Fav TV Series:  Girls
Fav Food:  Salmon
Fav Animal:  Sloths
Fav Book:  Lolita
Fav Sport: Basketball
Fav Colour:  Blue
Fav Song:  “Caring is creepy” by  The shins
Fav Actor:  Sean Penn
Fav Actress:  Rose Byrne

Thank you both for doing this i can’t thank you enough, you girls are amazing, so i guess my first question would be how to you girls become friends?

TP: We met in Sydney a fees years back and then met again in LA through mutual friends. We always say that we feel in love on a road trip to Coachella in 2011. Phoebe had no one to drive her so I offered and we spent the whole trip bonding and connecting. We were amazed to realize how similar we are. I always think of phoebes as my little sister from another mister. We are so similar.

PT: We met through mutual friends and then ended up in a car together going to a music festival in California. We spent three hours talking and realized we were soul sisters! Ever since then Teresa has become one of my best friends.

What inspired you to start YZL and what was the process like?

TP: We both have a passion for all things wellness so one night we talked about our love for this stuff and the idea of Your Zen Life came about. Phoebs and I really feel inspired by other people in our community with profiles who set out to make a positive impact, we knew it was so important to us and that’s when YZL was breathed to life.

PT:  We were always sharing stories and tips, and showing each other new recipes or good blogs to visit. We wanted to create a platform for people to share and discuss. Its a scrapbook of ideas and positivity,

Is it hard to come up with material for the site?

TP:  Sometimes I struggle to think of topics for “Tez Talks” but mainly we have amazing contributors who come to us with great material that we put up on the site.

PT: We are so fortunate that so many people have contributed. We are inundated with emails by people who want to inspire others and be happy and healthy.

As a fellow Aussie it must be hard to live anywhere else do you miss Australia?

TP: Yes absolutely. Mainly the lifestyle and the beaches. It’s hard not to be able to see my family and old school friends everyday but then again I have set up a really wonderful community of friends in LA who have become my family.

PT: I try to get back as often as I can. I miss my family and the beach and good BBQ’s!

What got both of you into acting?

TP: I started auditioning for things back in Adelaide when I was 16. The first thing I got really close to was “Power Rangers” haha I kept auditioning and then one day booked a film that premiere at Cannes film festival in 2006. That changed the course of my career.

PT: I was always interested in the arts, I love being creative and telling stories. I was lucky to land H20 after only auditioning for a few months in Australia.

Other than your family & friends who Inspires you the most?

TP: People like Christy turlington- Burns and Alicia Silverstone who have used their celebrity to impact wonderful change. Christy has a foundation called “every mother counts” which takes care of pregnant women all around the world helping them to have good health care and the same opportunities as other women. Alicia has turned her passion for healthy living and animal rights into a wonderful conscious living business and has helped millions of people through her writing and products.

PT: Teresa!!

Is it hard balancing your personnel life and your career?

TP: Not for me. Work always comes second to my family. As much as I love what I do, I cherish my relationships with people even more. Work is very important to me still and I make sure I feel fulfilled in what I do but being in love, sharing love and being of service means the most to me than anything else.

PT: My career and personal life often blend in together I am so close with my co-stars and I love the opportunity to meet new people and explore the world!

Is it a challenge maintaining your healthy ‘zen’ lifestyle when you’re away shooting films?

TP: Yes but it’s just about making adjustments wherever you are. I always plan ahead. Right now I’m writing from a job in canada where they don’t have much healthy food on set so in buying organic produce and bringing it to set to have them prepare it for me. I also love finding local exercise classes in various cities so I just keep staying healthy a priority regardless of where I am.

PT: No, theres always healthy options, and I always pack almonds and dark chocolate just in case!

What are five things you couldn’t Live without?

TP:  My partner, Phoebe!, Kohda and Luna, Information at the too of my fingers from the Internet (although perhaps this would be good for me!, Shojin vegan Japanese restaurant in LA

PT: Family, Friends, Coconut water, the ocean and chocolate

What has been your Biggest Success to date?

TP: Growing through pain and rising up again to be a more conscious, loving and evolved woman

PT: Landing Secret Circle was a big game changer for me. Since then I have been very lucky to stay within the CW family

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