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Photoshoots and Portrait’s >Teresa Palmer >2016 >The choice press conference portraits
Photoshoots and Portrait’s >Phoebe Tonkin >2016 >Byrdie
Photoshoots and Portrait’s >Phoebe Tonkin >2016 >Free People

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Magazine Scans >Phoebe & Teresa >2015 >Vogue (Australia) – March
Photoshoots and Portrait’s >Phoebe & Teresa >2015 >Vogue (Australia)

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What were your first impressions of each other?
Phoebe Tonkin: “I think my first impression of her was when I saw 2:37. I was in such awe of her and her performance. We properly got to know each other on a three hour car drive to Coachella. We bonded over kale chips, boys and red wine and the rest is history. I think my first impression of her was that she was the coolest girl I had ever met. I later learned she was not only the coolest, but also the kindest. She is a ray of light in my life and I am blessed to have her.”
Teresa Palmer: “We first met in Bondi at a screening in 2009. I remember being introduced to her but I had already clocked her as soon as I walked up the stairs to the event. You were the most striking girl I had ever seen and I couldn’t stop staring. Statuesque and THE EYES!! I remember thinking that my boyfriend at the time (who introduced us) most certainly had a crush on her! Your bright shining energy and bounce was absolutely infectious. It wasn’t until 2011 when the stars aligned and I drove her to Coachella that I knew we were bonded for life. The way we were like missing pieces of the puzzle to each other was really magical and so began our journey.”

How did you start working on the film, The Ever After?
PT: “I had known Teresa and Mark were writing this film together. I was so impressed they were being so vulnerable not just with each other but in this script, these characters they were writing were so real and honest. Teresa had said from the get-go she had an idea for a character for me, and I was so grateful to be involved in something like this.”
TP: “Mark and I were in the midst of courting each other over email when we decided to write a film together. I think we were so passionately falling in love that we felt the need to channel that energy creatively. Only a few months after Mark and I met we started to work on the film. We knew that we wanted to capture your magnetism on film so we wrote the role of Mabel for her and then hoped she would say yes!”

Did you draw from any real-life experience?
PT: “I have spent quite a lot of time in New York and around similar characters as the one I played. There’s something dangerous and dark about the world some of those types of characters live in. I think the script really showcases that side of it, and allows the audience to just be an observer.”
TP: “Yes we very much blurred the lines between reality and fiction. So much of what is on screen we drew from experiences in our own life. We touch upon the entertainment and fashion industry, substance abuse issues, mental illness, sexual abuse, all of which either one of us or people very close to us have navigated through. It is an intensely personal film exploring the challenges of marriage and the fundamental breakdown of communication.”

What is your fondest memory from the film set?
PT: “I think the fondest was probably just being in New York, shooting in such an organic and instinctive way. Mark was very open to ideas in terms of dialogue and blocking, and coming from a TV background it was very different to the way I normally work.”
TP: “When Mark proposed to me in the bathroom before we filmed the first scene of the movie! It was entirely spontaneous and crazy. He used the ring my character wore in the film to propose to me because the ring that he designed was taking too long and he got impatient. The crew kept trying to get in the bathroom to light it for the next scene and Mark kept kicking the door shut while on one knee.”

What does friendship mean to you?
PT: “I think as you grow older friendship becomes something stronger than what it meant to you when you were younger. There is something so reassuring about not seeing someone for a long period of time and then being able to slip back into that comfort with each other like no time has passed at all. As actors, that is the nature of the work we do, staying on location for long periods of time and being apart from people who you are close to. It’s also nice to have friends that not only support you, but inspire you, and Teresa fulfils both of those!”
TP: “To me a friendship is beautiful in that unlike family, friends are those we choose to move through life with. My friends are mirrors of me and vice versa, we create a community in which we encourage each other to shine bright, building one another up and wishing the best of life for each other. We are a sisterhood of women who encourage and inspire and connect with one another through the ebbs and flows of life.”

What would you be if you weren’t an actress?
PT: “I would love to be working in journalism and communications, perhaps for a magazine like Vogue!”
TP: “I would run an eco chain of Parent and Me Play cafés around the world. A community where parents and children can come to a supportive place to share, eat, learn and lean on each other in a loving, encouraging and positive way. Stay tuned!”

What are your similarities and what are your differences?
PT: “I think we are both very driven, very passionate. We both have many of the same interests and the same standards for people we have in our life. I think we both ultimately want the same things in life, to live a somewhat basic existence with children and animals and vegetable gardens in Topanga, to be specific. In terms of differences, I think having been her business partner for the last three plus years, I would definitely she is far better at time management than I am!”
TP: “Our similarities are that we both laugh a lot, we crack each other up. We love getting deep and real and communicative, we both love working on self and we are seekers in life. We are caring and compassionate and both love kids, dogs. I think that we are both warm, we meet people openly and lovingly. We are also such silly goofs at heart. Total dorks. Our differences are that she has washboard abs no matter how much pasta she eats! She’s always way cooler than me, in that effortless ‘Phoebe just gets it’ way. With Your Zen Life, Phoebe gets and loves the technical and aesthetic side of the website whereas I love working on the video content. We are the perfect Ying and Yang with our business.”

What advice would you give to people who want to go into business with a friend?
PT: “Get used to communicating a lot over email! There was a time when within the space of seven weeks we were communicating between Italy, Wales, Australia, Atlanta, California and Tahiti. I also think that we both went into business together because it was something we both genuinely enjoyed and were passionate about. There were no other motives besides creating this beautiful platform and open a line of communication for other like-minded people.”
TP: “Have a very clear and open communication with that person. Know them well. Have an exit strategy if one of you loses passion or wants out. Stay open always and plan where you want to take the business long term. Have big ideas and create stepping stones towards achieving those things with each other.”

How do you find Zen in your life?
PT: “I try to drink a lot of water, get eight hours of sleep a night and eat well. But ultimately what is most important is surrounding yourself with positive people and striving for happiness and balance in your life. I think it’s important to stay educated on what is happening around the world to really have perspective on your own life, it’s very easy to take things for granted.”
TP: “Through my family. Especially being with my son Bodhi. Just taking him to playgroup and watching his joy in pushing around a little walker or interacting with other children. Seeing life through his eyes, witnessing the sense of joy, discovery, happiness, his amazement at colours, textures, sounds and how proud he is and astonished that he can use his legs to walk. That puts everything in to perspective, how easily it is to become desensitised and take all of these things for granted. It brings me suddenly present and teaches me to always keep a deep sense of gratitude.”


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Mark Webber‘s The Ever After  has officially set the premiere date for Thursday, June 12th, 2014 at 6:15pm at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

The Ever After
preceded by The Lion’s Mouth Opens
LA Muse
(Australia, USA, 2014, 87 mins)
World Premiere
Directed By: Mark Webber

Screenwriters: Teresa Palmer, Mark Webber
Producers: Mark Webber, Teresa Palmer
Cinematographer: Patrice Lucien Cochet
Editor: Sven Pape
Music: Moby
Cast: Teresa Palmer, Mark Webber, Melissa Leo, Phoebe Tonkin, Joshua Leonard

Ava and Thomas live–to outside eyes–the good life, complete with a child and a lovely home in Los Angeles, but something is lost. Ava has placed her acting career on hold to play the mother and good wife, while Thomas’ fashion photography puts him in dangerously tempting situations. When trauma strikes, they must confront their innermost vulnerabilities to recover their disintegrating marriage.
Shot with fearless clarity, Mark Webber’s third feature film is a provocative and nuanced portrait of marital life, where the love and happiness of the ever after are as elusive as faith. Taut storytelling and intensely inhabited characters blur fiction and reality; even in their moments of loneliness and alienation, Teresa Palmer and Webber’s chemistry is palpable. Their performances are bolstered by co-stars Melissa Leo, Rosario Dawson and Moby, who also contributes to the soundtrack.

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We are so forunate to feature Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin on Eat Beautiful as part of our Inspire Interview series.

These two homegrown starlets are kicking goals in Hollywood. Teresa got her break starring opposite Daniel Radcliffe in December Boysand has gone on to star in other blockbuster films such as Take Me Home Tonight, I Am Number Four and most recently Warm Bodies.

Phoebe starred in Australian feature film based on the popular John Marsden novel Tomorrow, When the War Began before landing a lead role in popular CW network show The Secret Circle, which then led to her role on spin-off series The Originals.

The pair also founded health and wellbeing site Your Zen Life as an outlet to share their passion for healthy living. We asked them a few questions about living a healthy and balanced life!

Being in the spotlight, how do you deal with the media’s focus on your physical appearance and outward marks of success?

Tez: I think it’s an epidemic in this industry that the focus and attention goes to one’s physical appearance. There are a group of women in Hollywood who are actively trying to change that. I belong to that group. I recognize that I’m on a platform and whether I like it or not the physical part of me will be talked about. So I deal with it like this… I don’t think about it too much! I live my life the way I would. I’m healthy and eat well, I look after myself and my body and I don’t like to wear make-up or designer clothes in my everyday life. I embrace who I am and my preferences but what I mainly embrace is AUTHENTICITY that’s why I don’t change who I am because of the fishbowl that I live in. I much prefer to represent “normal” than have to be on point playing the role of what someone might think a celebrity should look like.

Phoebe, being an actress on a hit CW show and a model, how do you feel about being a role model for young audiences, particularly girls around the world?

I try to make smart choices and am always conscious of young girls seeing things I post on Instagram and Twitter. I try to lead a positive, happy, balanced life and hope to influence others to do the same.

What do you think about the way young girls are affected by idealised versions of beauty in magazines, TV and film?

Phoebe: I think its a facade. Hours of make up and lighting and photoshopping are used to create an image these days. Girls shouldn’t be looking at these images as something to strive for. It’s not reality.

Tez: I think it’s horrible and I’m sad that what I do for a living contributes to this false sense of reality. That’s why I don’t go out of way to be anything but myself; make-up free, hair unwashed me!  I often use Twitter to tell girls that what they’re seeing in the movies or magazines isn’t really what I look like, that the real me is actually very similar to the real them. That way they don’t have to strive for something that doesn’t actual exist, something unattainable and unsustainable. I hope to be a role model and a cheerleader for REAL.

Are you cheerleaders for positive body image? And why is it so important that we have role models that advocate loving ourselves exactly as we are?

Tez: Yes absolutely I am. I believe it’s my calling in a sense. I recognize that I’m in a position where I can use my profile to affect positive change in the world. With my career I feel a sense of responsibility comes along with it and that responsibility is to the younger people who look up to me, to show them that there is another way. That self-love, acceptance and compassion is of the utmost highest importance.

Phoebe: I think it’s very important to have positive body image. But on the other hand I think sometimes this leads to too much focus on something so external. I wish talk about bodies and image wasn’t so prevalent in the media.

Teresa, you’ve always talked about how much you wanted to have children and now we hear you’re expecting your first child with your fiancé Mark! Congratulations! Is there anything you will do differently to keep yourself healthy during your pregnancy?

Tez: Thank you! Not really, I haven’t changed much apart from listening a little closer to my body. If I feel like sweet potato fries I have them! I know that my child is growing healthily and well so I try not to over think everything. I drink plenty of water, continue my exercise regime and live as much in the light as possible. My child feels the things I feel so I really make an effort to be living from my highest self and nourishing myself through good food and healthy choices.

What daily practices do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Tez: I just really practice open communication, I always start the day off by saying something I’m grateful for. I try to get to yoga as much as I can and I drink a green juice daily.

Phoebe: I try to drink a lot of water and surround myself with people I love. Simple!

What is your life mantra?

Tez & Phoebe: Be the Change You Wish To See In The World

How do you Eat Beautiful?

Tez: I listen to my body, I choose foods of lots of different color preferably in season, I don’t eat processed food and stick to the outside aisles of supermarkets where all the fresh stuff lays. I also have let go of being so militant over “clean eating” and my body has responded really well. I wasn’t actually getting enough nutrients when I became to obsessed at watching everything that went in to my mouth and question where it had come from. Eating became stressful so I’ve backed off from that and now have a really healthy relationship with good and nutritious food.

It’s so inspiring to see Teresa and Phoebe actively advocating healthy and balanced lives. We are proud to join them in promoting a life lived from one’s heart and true to oneself!